Using Consumer Reviews To Compare The Best Gaming Microphones

28 Jan

PC Gamers Compare Gaming Mics

If you’ve decided to get a bit more serious with your online gaming, one of the essential purchases will be your microphone. By speaking to teammates or friends during matches, you’ll be able to coordinate andgaming mics fr PC games make the entire experience far more personalized. While many gamers still prefer playing silently, the communal aspect allowed by actually having a microphone is often vastly underrated.

As you first look around for a particular model, you’ll likely find yourself taken aback by the sheer number of options. To say that the marketplace has been flooded would hardly be an exaggeration. In reality, however, that’s nothing but a good thing! It allows savvy gamers the ability to look at what others are saying in reviews and make the best choice possible. With that in mind, here’s the necessary consumer consensus of the best gaming microphones:

A Look at the Microphones

1 – Razer

Razer’s reputation as a game hardware manufacturer has taken great strides over the last few years. They have a wide array of products that cover every single facet of computers and gaming. You can easily deck out your entire game room in their traditional black and green if you’d like!

When it comes to microphones specifically, the Seiren X may be your best bet. Razer offers several headsets with mics attached, but those will often create a lot of unwanted noise if you move your head around, and even switching the microphone off for a second can lead to a notable crackle. The Seiren X is more of a studio-style microphone that’s still very much in keeping with the “for gamers, by gamers” spirit. Across most major retailers, the customer reviews have been exceedingly positive.

2 – Turtle Beach

If you do prefer a headset style microphone, Turtle Beach is still alive and kicking. While virtually any USB powered microphone will work across every platform, Turtle Beach products are often explicitly designed with wide compatibility in mind. If you’re a console gamer looking for some great options outside of official Sony or Microsoft branded products, Turtle Beach headsets like the Ear Force Recon 50 or Recon 50P might be right up your alley. (The latter is merely an updated model, but both are widely available.) Built for comfort and impressively reliable despite the low asking price, this is another excellent choice.

3 – Blue

If you want to venture away from products that are solely advertised for gaming, Blue is one of the most highly recommended USB microphone brands across the entire internet. Their most popular models are undoubtedly the Snowball and the Yeti. Many people like to even look at the blue snowball vs blue yeti mic. The former is perfect for anyone on a budget, but the roughly $100 Yeti will give you higher quality and several more options. Of note, it can be switched to different settings, including cardioid and omnidirectional. The only downside is that both of these products will only work for you if you have space on a desk or side table. (That said, the Yeti can be attached to a suspension arm if you’re willing to go all out.)

By sticking within those confines, your needs for a quality gaming microphone should be well met. If another model happens to catch your eye instead, however, just be sure that you do plenty of research first. You might even want to check out some Youtube reviews, complete with audio tests if you want the best example of how you’ll sound. As long as you can mute and adjust your volume on the fly, however, just about anything will likely do the trick. It’s all about your personal preference from there!

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